If Mitt Wins…

If Mitt Romney wins this election it will not be because Republicans voted. It will be because not enough Democrats did. Some Democrats think staying at home as a “protest” or voting for a third party candidate because they did not get everything they want from President Obama will accomplish something. Yes, it will accomplish something – getting them even less.

There will be more government interference in our day to day lives, less environmental protection, more drilling, fewer rights for women, minorities and workers and a Supreme Court that thinks corporations are people. Voting for the Green Party will make America LESS Green.

Third Party Illusion
In 159 years only two parties have gained access to the White House. In those 159 years, Democrats have given us the Peace Corps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Bank Insurance, FEMA, Unemployment Insurance, Minimum Wage, Worker’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Gay Rights and National Health Care. Just to name a few progressive policies.

Third parties have given us nothing. Except, in 2000, when they gave us George W. Bush. The only way to change this country is from the inside. Don’t like all the policies of the Democratic Party? Work from the inside to change it. See how the Tea Party changed the Republican Party? Progressives can change the Democratic Party. But not from helping Republicans to get elected and makeover the Supreme Court.

Republican Trickery
In addition to the above, the Secretaries of State of most of the swing states are Republicans and they have been doing everything they can to block the vote. They have shortened voting hours, undermanned poll sites and enforced regulations to limit voter participation.

And, lastly, Republicans are working very hard to steal the election. One of my mother’s friends received a ballot in Florida that was already marked for Romney! I have a friend who was told they were not registered, even though they were. These are not internet rumors. They are true, personal stories.

Make Your Vote Count
If ever it was important that you knew your rights, knew where your correct polling place was and maintained your vigilance and determination to keep this country on the correct path, that time is now. Don’t lose your vote. Don’t waste your vote. Re-elect President Barack Obama.

UPDATE – Mitt Romney won 93% of the Republican vote. Barack Obama won 92% of the Democratic vote. The Independent vote was split. Obama won because MORE Democrats than Republicans voted. And so my thesis was correct. Thank you and good night.

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